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Like Carrot Juice On A Cupcake

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I did a mean thing.
A very mean thing.
I HATE that I did it.
But I did.
This is worse than
carrot juice on a cupcake
or a wasp on my pillow
or a dress that's too tight at the neck.

In the third installment from the team who created Like Pickle Juice on a Cookie and Like Bug Juice on a Burger, Eleanor's relationship with her best friend, Pearl, experiences its first growing pains. When a glamorous new student transfers to school, at first Eleanor's excited about the possibility of a new friend. But when Pearl is assigned to be the new girl's buddy, Eleanor fears she can't compete. To make matters worse, Eleanor's been chosen for the lead role in the springtime musical, which means she has to sing a solo in front of the entire school!
From overcoming stage fright to having a secret crush, young readers will relate to Eleanor as she navigates the bittersweet waters of growing up.

Praise for Like Carrot Juice on a Cupcake
"Sternberg again displays her talent at putting Eleanor on the horns of a common youthful dilemma in accessible prose."
--Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books, starred review

"This is another very true-to-life story about the challenges of growing up. Julie Sternberg captures young emotions so perfectly!"
--School Library Monthly

"The measures Eleanor takes to right her wrongs and rise to challenges are beautifully revealed in Sternberg's spare text, which leaves plenty of room for the reader to
empathize. Like Eleanor, this series continues to grow and blossom."

"The pen and ink drawings capture facial expressions and emotions quite well. A good addition for most early-chapter-book collections."
--School Library Journal

Cupcakes In A Jar

RRP $18.99

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If you love making cupcakes, try making your next cake in a mason jar. Baking cupcakes in a canning jar is a fun way to serve your cupcakes to friends and family members or to give as a gift. Whether you are looking for an inexpensive gift to give or fun dessert to show appreciation, consider making cupcake in a jar. Not only do they make for a pretty presentation, but also cupcakes in a jar are also easy to transport if your celebration takes you away from home. It's also a great way for you to show your creativity, turning something plain and inexpensive into something beautiful, heartfelt and homemade. This book contains proven recipes and tips on how you can make quick and easy cupcakes in a jar. I will provide you with everything you need to know from tools, ingredients, and recipes to storage. I don't just offer the standard cupcake recipes, I have a large variety of cupcake in a jar recipes to choose from. Here is a preview of what you'll find out inside: Introduction Why Make Cupcakes in Jars Common Cupcake Mix in Jars Questions How to Bake in a Mason Jar How to Make Cupcake Mixes in Jars Fun Ideas for Jar Lids & Labels Jar Lid Ideas Labels Ideas Jar Enhancements Cupcake In Jar Recipes Non-Bake Cupcake Mixes Conclusion

Cupcake Diaries #14

RRP $12.99

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Middle school can be hard...some days you just need a cupcake. Cupcake Diaries #14 starts out with Mia getting some bad news from Katie's mum, Dr. Brown: she needs braces. And just when Mia thinks things can't get any worse...they do. Her teacher is concerned that Mia is squinting in class. A trip to the ophthamologist confirms it: Mia needs glasses too! Mia is miserable until her stylish mum comes to the rescue with a plan and a very chic middle-school look. And her wonderful Cupcake Club friends reassure her that glasses and braces don't get in the way of all they really see: the same old Mia.


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