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Homemade Treats For Happy, Healthy Dogs

RRP $7.95

Pamper Your Pup With All-Natural Taste Temptations!

Treat your dog to the tastiest and healthiest biscuits and bones ever made for canine consumption!  Cheryl Gianfrancesco's easy-to-follow recipes call for only the best all-natural ingredients, and as your dog will agree, the results are fantastic.  Could any dog resist Peanut Butter Biscuits, Cheese and Garlic Bites, Chicken and Cheese Biscuits, or Ginger Cookies?  How about a Best-Friend Birthday Cake, complete with frosting? Homemade Treats for Happy, Healthy Dogs offers 50 recipes for the canine connoisseur of fine foods.  If dogs could read, this would be their favorite cookbook!

Easy To Eat Summer Treats

RRP $16.99

Anybody want a Sweet Treat to Beat the Summer Heat? No matter where you live, summer is that time of year for warmer weather, outdoor activities and family gatherings. And with warmer temperatures what do we all want more of ICE CREAM....You guessed it. Many of us look for ways to not only cool down but to also satisfy our sweet cravings with a variety of flavors. Lately I discovered how easy and fun it is to make Ice cream at home. And funny thing is that all of the family likes to help! For many recipes it's best to have an ice cream maker, but with some recipes you only need a blender. And I love the frozen ice cream bars made with Oreo cookies and graham crackers. And Smoothie Pops, is also one of my favorites. Inside you will find easy to make and easy to eat Ice Cream Treats.

Dwarf Hamsters Care, A Complete Guide To Breeding, Feeding, Training, Sexing, Treats And Keeping Them In Good Health And Where To Buy

RRP $19.99

Dwarf Hamsters care, a complete guide to breeding, feeding, training, sexing, treats and keeping them in good health and where to buy. Including campbells dwarf hamster, roborovski, chinese, djugarian and more, information on pairing and habitat. Easy to read style, this book will equip you with all you need to know to feel confident about getting and looking after your dwarf hamsters.


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Candy Lollies Sweets Treats
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