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All Tomorrow's Parties

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Claire hasn't left the flat for 3 months after husband, Pierre, unceremoniously left her. Jimmy has an idea that he thinks will bring her back to the life of the living. But Andy (Jimmy's boyfriend) has other ideas about what might cheer her up. A dramatic comedy about artificial insemination, infidelity and living forever. "takes us full circle through grief into light humour back through to heartfelt drama" Rob Gemmel, Lancashire Life "a gripping story bursting with dramatic tension and a good few laughs" Jennifer Dutton, Salford Online.

Parties And Party Systems

RRP $271.99

In this rich and broad-ranging volume, Giovanni Sartori outlines what is now recognised to be the most comprehensive and authoritative approach to the classification of party systems. He also offers an extensive review of the concept and rationale of the political party, and develops a sharp critique of various spatial models of party competition. This is political science at its best - combining the intelligent use of theory with sophisticated analytic arguments, and grounding all of this on a substantial cross-national empirical base. Parties and Party Systems is one of the classics of postwar political science, and is now established as the foremost work in its field. Author Biography Giovanni Sartori was born in Florence, Italy, in 1924, and was appointed Professor of Political Science at the University of Florence in 1963. He has been a visiting Professor in Harvard and Yale, and in 1976 he succeeded Gabriel Almond as Professor of Political Science in Stanford. In 1979 he was appointed Albert Schweitzer Professor in the Humanities at Columbia University, New York, where he is now Professor Emeritus. Giovanni Sartori is the author of numerous books across a wide range of fields in political theory and comparative politics, including Parties and Party Systems (1976), The Theory of Democracy Revisited (2 volumes, 1990), and Comparative Constitutional Engineering (2nd ed., 1997). His most recent books are Homo Videns (2nd ed., 2000), Pluralismo, Multiculturalismo, Estranei (2nd ed., 2002), and Mala Tempora (2004), which has been a bestseller in Italy. In 2005, Parties and Party Systems was also published in a Chinese translation.

Why Parties?

RRP $231.99

Since its first appearance fifteen years ago, Why Parties? has become essential reading for anyone wishing to understand the nature of American political parties. In the interim, the party system has undergone some radical changes. In this landmark book, now rewritten for the new millennium, John H. Aldrich goes beyond the clamor of arguments over whether American political parties are in resurgence or decline and undertakes a wholesale reexamination of the foundations of the American party system.

Surveying critical episodes in the development of American political parties—from their formation in the 1790s to the Civil War—Aldrich shows how they serve to combat three fundamental problems of democracy: how to regulate the number of people seeking public office, how to mobilize voters, and how to achieve and maintain the majorities needed to accomplish goals once in office. Aldrich brings this innovative account up to the present by looking at the profound changes in the character of political parties since World War II, especially in light of ongoing contemporary transformations, including the rise of the Republican Party in the South, and what those changes accomplish, such as the Obama Health Care plan. Finally, Why Parties? A Second Look offers a fuller consideration of party systems in general, especially the two-party system in the United States, and explains why this system is necessary for effective democracy.


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