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Political Parties In The Southern States

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Political Parties in the Southern States traces the changes presently taking place in the South and identifies their broader consequences. The South is undergoing a political revolution--from issueless politics to one of the most issue-oriented sets of party coalitions and policy alternatives in the nation. These studies, based on a 1984 survey of state convention delegates, explores fundamental aspects of the changing system. Concerns include the role of elite studies in interpreting trends in mass politics; the increasing institutionalization of American politics, particularly as effected by 1970 nominating reforms; and the realignment of southern politics, its present condition, and the continuing consequences for political positions, concerns, and clientele group support. Editors conclude their volume with projections of future consequences for southern and national politics. Researching political views and personal attributes of delegates to the 1984 national nominating convention, these editors choose six states as representative of the South. They then analyze characteristics that represent the standard subgroups of national interest. Emerging studies are organized under the following three sections: Party Reform and Party Systems introduces party reform, nationalization of American politics, and party change in the South. Party Reform and Southern Convention Delegates places emphasis on the roles of blacks, civil rights activists, women, and various age groups. Cultural Changes in Southern Party Coalitions covers topics such as the development of the two-party system, the impact of urbanization, and immigration. The volume concludes with a discussion of southern party coalitions.

All Tomorrow's Parties

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Claire hasn't left the flat for 3 months after husband, Pierre, unceremoniously left her. Jimmy has an idea that he thinks will bring her back to the life of the living. But Andy (Jimmy's boyfriend) has other ideas about what might cheer her up. A dramatic comedy about artificial insemination, infidelity and living forever. "takes us full circle through grief into light humour back through to heartfelt drama" Rob Gemmel, Lancashire Life "a gripping story bursting with dramatic tension and a good few laughs" Jennifer Dutton, Salford Online.

Parties And The Party System In France

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The French elections of 2002 broke all records for fragmentation, abstention and far-right protest voting, yet returned incumbent President Chirac in triumph and gave him a solid basis of parliamentary support. "Parties and the Party System in France" seeks to explain the paradox of France's current relationship to politics through a comprehensive analysis of French political parties and their interaction over the last 50 years, set against the two contexts of French history and of contemporary theories of parties and party systems.


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