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Everyone's An Asshole Except Kids And Seniors

RRP $17.99

"It's what's on the inside that counts."?Really? So why is 'What do you do' the first thing people always ask??"Honesty's the best policy."?Is that why people prefer to hide behind screens instead of communicating in person? "Do what you love."? What? Everyone? Who's going to pick up the trash, flip the burgers, pour the lattes, and all the rest of the hated jobs that make our economy go round??"Success takes hard work."?Please. Anyone who believes this and isn't a multi-millionaire deserves to be asked: 'Then why didn't you work harder?' ?These and the rest of the false feel-good quotes that flood our social media walls often confuse rather than inspire, keep us dissatisfied in our relationships and jobs, and make us feel like we're never good enough. Thankfully, this book is full of logical and factual thoughts that explain how - despite all the positivity out there - the world continues to get worse. And why the problems you may be having in it have little to do with there being anything wrong with you.

Colouring For Kids Minecraft

RRP $13.99

A Minecraft colouring book for kids with all its characters to colour. This A4 book has 55 pages to enjoy. So what you waiting for kids go grab them pencils and start colouring.

Discovery Kids Outer Space

RRP $16.99

Discover the secrets of outer space! Using stunning illustrations and cutaway diagrams, Outer Space takes you on a fascinating visual journey of our Solar System, unlocking its incredible secrets along the way. - Features key information and statistics on the planets in our Solar System - Explore inside rockets, space shuttles, and space stations - Learn all about the Sun, Moon, and stars, and their place in our Solar System - Uncover startling facts and statistics about our Universe Satisfy the curiosity of the most inquisitive minds and discover the wonders of our incredible Universe with this concise and beautifully illustrated reference book for the whole family.


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Candy Lollies Sweets Treats
Deserts Kids Parties Cupcake

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Candy Lollies Sweets Treats
Deserts Kids Parties Cupcake

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