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Presents information about deserts to beginning readers, including high-impact photos, close photo-to-text match, a picture glossary, and a comprehension question. F&P Text Level Gradient: Level C.

A Tale Of Two Deserts

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One book, two tales, one story; A Tale of Two Deserts is a literary work most unusual. Consisting of two very enigmatic tales set in two deserts separated in time by two thousand years, the book speaks to the contemporary world of that which is in danger of being lost, and warns of the dangerous and damaging delusions that are condemning humanity to a bleak future. The desert of the first tale, being a desert literal, is a place where people have very little, but most of that which matters. The desert of the second tale is a desert figurative, where people, dominated by collective delusions, seemingly have everything but, in fact, little of what truly matters. And running across both tales is a narrative that binds these two tales into one story; but it is for the reader to discover this narrative. Deeply rooted in concern for the future of humanity, A Tale of Two Deserts is a profoundly spiritual book that speaks of the need for humanity to walk a different path, and to abandon the ideological perspectives that have turned science, religion and western industrial capitalism into self-imposed prisons of the mind. Here in this book, the reader will find a world-view that does not close up in fixed opinions, and an invitation to begin to learn that, of matters most profound, humankind is truly ignorant. A Tale of Two Deserts is a message that there is still hope for humanity, hope that rests on people beginning to embrace what is, in essence, a spiritual perspective of life as a never-ending journey where there are no final destinations.

The Rise Of A New Media Baron And The Emerging Threat Of News Deserts

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Over the past decade, a new media baron has emerged that is very different from the publishers that preceded it. The rise of this new media baron coincides with immense disruption in the newspaper industry. With profits and readership declining dramatically, newspaper publishers are grappling with an uncertain future, and many worry about their paper's long-term survival. As a result, many smaller cities and towns could lose their local newspapers and with them the reliable news and information essential to a community's quality of life and democratic institutions. This report, published by the Center for Innovation and Sustainability in Local Media, considers the significant political, social, and economic consequences of the emergence of "news deserts" across entire regions of the country.


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Candy Lollies Sweets Treats
Deserts Kids Parties Cupcake

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Candy Lollies Sweets Treats
Deserts Kids Parties Cupcake

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